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Eat To Life



Posted by Daron Rosenbusch on


“I have a few friends in the design industry who are unfortunately allergic to almost all the food that I love and enjoy. This is where I see the value of KINWA bars - a quick and easy snack for those who struggle to fit their macronutrients in on the go due to time and allergy constraints, all the while being vegan, tasty, high in fibre and contains no synthetic sugars...KINWA is certainly well designed!”

Sam Luong is a full-time design professional who works at an architecture and interior design firm in downtown Toronto with a keen interest in wellness. Sam is also a part-time Masters of Architecture candidate whose passion in encouraging physical health and well-being through spatial design has lead him to connect his hobbies and lifestyle with his professional career. Despite his busy schedule, he finds himself strength-training 5 times a week, goes out exploring the latest restaurants on the weekends and is constantly finding ways to motivate himself and others to be more physically, nutritionally and mentally healthy within the 9-to-5 life. Described as highly regimented by his peers, Sam religiously practices IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), a lifestyle of budgeting macronutrients and weighing out food in order to fit them within his total caloric intakes daily. This proved to be invaluable throughout his first fitness competition at the Cobourg Naturals Regional Championship in April 2018, whereby he won 1st place in Men’s Physique in his division and 5th in Novice Classic Physique. Together with his coach, Sam is preparing for the National stage next year and is ecstatic to see how far his journey will take him!

Instagram: sam.luong