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Melissa Humana-Paredes 🇨🇦TeamCanada beachvball 🏆World Champ 🥇Commonwealth Champ

Posted by Daron Rosenbusch on

Melissa Humana-Paredes 🇨🇦TeamCanada beachvball 🏆World Champ 🥇Commonwealth Champ

"With the amount of travel I do, it’s necessary for me to have reliable, clean snacks I can trust will sit well with me and that provide me the nutrition I need. That’s why I love Kinwa Bars, they are an added source of wholesome nutrients I can count on throughout my busy day"

Born and raised in Toronto, Melissa has been a member of Team Canada since 2011. She first represented Canada when she was just 15 years old and currently, her and her partner are now ranked #3 in the world. As a recent Communications graduate from York University, she fills her new found free-time with live music, petting dogs, trying new restaurants in the city and watching Friends. With her sights set on Tokyo 2020, she is very conscious of what goes in her body prioritizing clean whole foods.

Instagram: melissahumanaparedes