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Nara Abrams - 💪🏼 Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Posted by Daron Rosenbusch on

Nara Abrams - 💪🏼 Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

"As a Trainer I am ALWAYS on the go. It’s imperative that I prepare every night for the day ahead. Nutrition is important for me as I go through the day. It’s also important to be that what I eat is as natural as possible.  KINWA Bars are always my go to snack. My favorite is Coconut with 10 grams of Protein and 6 grams of Fibre. And they are delicious!!"

I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, I love working with people. The relationships I have with my clients are all very important to me. I love giving them the confidence and support to improve their health and fitness and in turn their wellbeing. 

Everyones health and fitness journeys are unique. Getting to the core of people’s “why” is something I take seriously to help keep my clients motivated.  It is a privilege to be closely connected to so many people in my community. I am honoured to be a part of their journeys.

Instagram: @all_things_fitness74