Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What flavours are available?"
A. We currently have 5 amazing flavours: Strawberry, Chocolate Orange, Lemon, Coconut and Apple Cinnamon. We plan on adding more flavours. Be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to stay informed!"

Q. "Do ETL Kinwa Bars contain any allergens?"
A. ETL Kinwa Bars are free of the Top 11 Priority Allergens which means they’re also school safe.

Q. "Are ETL Kinwa Bars gluten-free?"
A. Yes, our bars are 100% Gluten Free

Q. "Are ETL Kinwa Bars suitable for a vegan diet?"
A. Yes, our bars are 100% plant-based.

Q. “Do ETL KINWA Bars contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?"
A. No. Our bars contain only 100% non-GMO ingredients

Q. "How are ETL Kinwa bars sweetened?"
A. One of the many delights you'll notice when eating our bars is that there is no disgusting aftertaste. That's because we use no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. In fact, our bars do not contain anything that is artificial. These bars are real food! We use only Organic Coconut Syrup and naturally unsweetened fruit to sweeten our bars.

Q. “Where are ETL KINWA Bars made?
A. Our bars are Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients. We manufacture according to the highest international quality and food safety standards (SQF Level 2) and we are BRC certified. The facility is also a 100% nut-free facility which means that every ingredient entering the facility requires a peanut & tree nut free certificate.

Q. "What is the best way to store ETL Kinwa Bars?
A. It is best to store the bars at room temperature. Cold will make the bars firmer/hard which will not impact their great flavour or, make them unsafe to eat. Heat over a period of time can cause the oils in the seeds to become rancid which will make the bars taste bitter. Even though we have zero added preservatives in our bars, if they are stored properly they will taste their best for 12 months.

Q. "Which retail stores carry Kinwa Bars?"
A. We are rapidly expanding the availability of our bars. Please check our Store Locator page to find a store near you.

Q. “What countries do you ship to?"
A. We are interested in making our products available worldwide. Please contact us to discuss availability for your specific location.

Q. "Who is your wholesale distributor?"
A. We are currently distributed in Canada by Newport Gourmet Foods

Q. "I'm a retailer - how do I make your product available in my store(s)?"
A. We would love you to carry our products. Please tell us a little about your store(s) by sending some details to