What's Inside


It’s used as a whole grain in the culinary world, but it’s actually a seed that’s rich in protein, fibre, iron, magnesium and B-vitamins.

Yellow Split Pea

You think of yellow split peas as a legume, but we see them as a rich source of allergen friendly, plant-based protein!


Gone are the days of fearing dietary fat. We now know that “good fats” are essential in the diet, and that’s why we use the nutritious kernels of the sunflower and pumpkin seeds.


This wonder-seed is small but mighty. It’s a source of omega-3 fat, iron, calcium, fibre and protein.
See? Tiny but powerful.


Chicory Root Fibre

You’ve heard of probiotics, right? Have you ever heard of their best friend pre-biotics? In order for probiotics (healthy gut bacteria) to thrive, they need pre-biotics like chicory root fibre (also known as inulin) to feed on. Your gut health will thank you!

Organic Coconut Sap Syrup

Coconut Sap Syrup is widely thought of as a healthy, natural sweetener option.  It's made very much like Maple Syrup - by tapping the coconut tree and extracting its sap.  Regardless, too much sugar from any source isn’t nutritious, so we use just enough to get the bar to properly bind together but not to give a cloyingly sweet taste. You’ll find just 6 g of sugar per 42 g bar, which includes coconut sap syrup and dried unsweetened fruit.


Hello, antioxidants! You’ve heard that dark chocolate is good for you, right? It’s because of the antioxidants in cocoa. Plus, it tastes so good and adds perfect balance to the Dark Chocolate Orange bar.


We use dried fruit in Kinwa bars to add to the chewy texture and to deliver a kiss of sweetness. We only use 100 percent fruit with no added sugar, because we think fruit is sweet enough on its own!


Natural Flavour

There’s no artificial flavours here – just the essence of fresh fruit from natural flavours.


Now you know what the bars are made of. Click here to see whats missing.